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Cat Antagonizing

Beta testers

Beta Testers

Back in February, I decided that I had spent enough time thinking about pursuing a dream from child hood. What was that dream? To build a remote controlled robot of course. I cared not what it did, just as long as it was mobile.

Lacking any ideas of something useful to do, I decided to create something that would be able to chase small animals. Luckily, I already had found two volunteers for testing The Device. As an homage to the beta testers I named this project Cat Antagonizing Tactical Platform of Oppression.


  • 4x servos — The Drive
  • 1x Raspberry Pi — The Brains
  • 1x internal camera — The Vision
  • 1x Motion sensor — The 6th Sense
  • 6x LEDs — The Lights
  • 1x powered speaker — The Voice
  • 1x ethernet & 2x wifi — The Trinity
  • 1x awesome battery & 1x power jack — The Power

Planned Features

  • IR camera — That black test subject is hard to find otherwise.
  • Proximity sensors — Will greatly help with navigating smaller spaces in pursuit of the test subjects.
  • GUI — Right now shell scripts ungracefully control the robot’s movements.

Some Photos

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Next Steps

  1. Finishing of the chassis
    • I need to get the front and back panels laser cut.
    • Top panel needs redone with mounting holes for the motion sensor.
    • I’m also going to paint it to make it all black. It needs stealth.
  2. GUI
    • Any one with a cell phone should be able to connect to the robot and control it.